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Who are we:

Joe Mendes founded on the conviction that marketing—not finance, not operations—is the centre  of the business universe. To quote management guru Peter Drucker, 

"The business enterprise has two — and only two —basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs." 

We have a long list of capabilities, but the only real assets of any agency are its people, the talent they possess as individuals, and their personal interest in putting their talent to work for you each and every day.  

Why We’re Different:
We believe marketing is both an art and a science, and like any other investment activity, it must be grounded in research, planned carefully, and measured and evaluated based on Return on Investment (ROI).

We take a scientific approach to marketing. We use cutting-edge marketing research tools and mathematical modelling to develop programs that achieve or far exceed our customers’ expectations.

One of key differences - and therefore an important capability - is our sheer passion for our craft. The only way to truly appreciate this is to meet the people behind the work. Passion is not something that can be invented. It's genuine. And it translates to great work. Of course, passion needs direction and that's other great strength. Everything we propose and execute as an agency is grounded in terms that tie back strategically to Return on Investment (ROI). We're as quantifiably oriented as we are creatively minded, and that leads us to develop solutions that make as much sense to Chief Financial Officers as they do to Chief Marketing Officers.

We work with leading thinkers within North America to create marketing programs that dramatically improve business performance. We have pioneered advances in marketing science, and maintains relationships with leading marketing thinkers. These marketing academics and consultants move us beyond the leading edge of the practice of marketing, ensuring that our theories, methods, and thinking consistently surpass state-of-the-science. And we look forward to proof our academic results.

Marketing is the centre of the business solar system - the essential function around which all others revolve. 

Because marketing is the engine that drives business - the business function that gets and keeps customers coming back. We take a lesson from the astronomer and 16th Century scholar Nicolaus Copernicus, whose 1543 work shattered the belief that the Earth, and not the Sun, was the centre of the solar system. The essential star which all other planets revolve. It is the engine that drives the universe. 

Just as Nicolaus' shocking thesis paved the way for a basic shift in our understanding of the universe, we believe as CEOs shift their business focus to marketing—the only business function that can produce real growth—we will see a revolution in the way companies practice marketing.

Dream Jobs:
We looks for applicants with a passion for marketing excellence and an interest in client experience and service. 

If sounds like the kind of organization you'd like to be a part of, please send us your cover letter and resume to or to the following mailing address.

Mentorship & Internship Opportunities
We also offer mentorship and internship opportunities to qualified applicants throughout the year. 

Please send a cover letter and résumé to or to the following mailing address.

There is an underlying similarity found in every single member and that is a passion for excellence.

We live with a passion, work with a passion, and most importantly, think with a passion.

If you too live with a passion, we eagerly invite you to view the following job positions available at and wish you good luck in your job search and on the road ahead.

Cheers ;)

Life is Good,

Joe Mendes

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